In the table below you'll find an overview of the appraisal costs charged by us. We are the only provider on the internet with a fixed fee that really includes all costs. You won't pay a penny more than the amount specified.

Appraiser's fee
Land Registry fee
Municipal legal fees
NWWI validated report
Total € 550,-

Extra cost

Apparment € 50,-
Valudation from drawning € 50,-
Special objects and conditions On request


Our fee includes municipal legal fees. All other appraisal providers on the internet offer fees that are exclusive of municipal legal charges. These legal fees vary between municipalities and can make for an unpleasant surprise. In Haarlem for instance the legal fees are approx. €35, but this is different for each municipality and can amount to as much as €72. With us, you know the price upfront: no hidden costs or additional bill later on.

Fees NHG / NWWI appraisal
Most mortgage providers demands that your appraisal meets certain requirements. Therefore the appraisal report has to be validated by the NWWI. The costs of this validation is included in our rate of € 550,-. Ask your mortgage provider whether you need a NWWI-validated report.

In comparison to other appraisal providers

Other appraisal providers usually advertise with only the “Appraiser's fee” and will add additional costs to the bill later on. With Erkende Taxateurs, you pay a fixed fee that includes all additional costs. An example will demonstrate the difference in price.

Let's imagine a house in the following situation:

  • Appraised value of the house: €215,000
  • Municipality: Haarlem

    Fee components: Real estate agent's fee: Other providers: Erkende Taxateurs:
    Appraiser's fee: 0.185% = €397,75 € 330,- € 394,55
    Land Registry fee: € 25,- € 25,- € 25,-
    Administrative costs: € 15,- n/a n/a
    VAT: €83.17 € 69,30 € 95,46
    Municipal legal fees:* € 35,- € 35,- € 35,-
    NWWI validation: € 42,35 € 42,35 € 0,-
    Total: € 598,27 € 501,65 € 550,-
    *The municipal legal fees vary between municipalities, with a maximum of approx. €72.

    In this example, an appraisal by Erkende Taxateurs will cost you € -48,35 less than one made by other appraisal providers. Even if there wouldn't be any municipal legal fees, it would still pay off to use our services rather than those of any other provider. In addition to offering lower fees, we guarantee acceptance of the appraisal report, we work fast and our service is excellent.