Welcome to ErkendeTaxateurs

An appraisal report through Erkende Taxateurs has unique advantages:

Fixed fee including ALL additional costs

An appraisal for the fixed low fee of € 550,- including all additional costs. Our fee even covers NWWI validation and the municipal legal dues. This is unique; no other providers offer this kind of service.
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Only registered appraisers

As our name implies (Erkende Taxateurs means Registered Appraisers) the appraisal report will be drawn up by a certified appraiser, listed in the following register: NRVT.
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Local appraisers

We only work with local appraisers, who have extensive knowledge of the housing market in the vicinity of the property. The appraiser will appraise property within a 20 km radius (12.5 miles) from their place of business.
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Appraisal report drawn up according to the CHF conventions

The appraisal report is drawn up in accordance with the latest housing finance appraisal report model, as determined by the liaison committee for mortgage credit institutions CHF (Contactorgaan Hypothecair Financiers) in collaboration with the professional associations NVM, VBO, LMV and NRVT.
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Guaranteed acceptance of the appraisal report

We guarantee that the appraisal will meet the requirements as set by any mortgage lender in the Netherlands. In the event that the appraisal report is not accepted for some reason, you will of course be entitled to a free reappraisal.
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Quick completion of your appraisal request

Within two business days, but usually on the day you submitted the request, one of our appraisers will contact you to set up an appointment for the appraisal. You will receive the appraisal report in triplicate within 5 business days of the appraisal – usually even earlier. If you need the report even sooner than this, you may place an urgent request.
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