Local appraisers

Besides being listed in the appraisers register, NRVT, financiers require an appraiser to be established in the area in which they carry out appraisals.

Correctly appraising real estate is a matter of extensive knowledge of the market and market developments, as well as being acquainted with the local and regional situation. For this reason, financiers require an appraiser to have extensive knowledge of the area.

The radius within which the appraiser may operate, varies according to the financier in question. This can be anything from a 20 km radius (12.5 miles) to a 35 km radius (22 miles) of the appraiser's place of business.

Erkende Taxateurs.nl appraisers never appraise property outside a 20 km radius (12.5 miles) of their place of business, ensuring that even the strictest requirements financiers may have are met. But, considering the large number of appraisers affiliated with our firm, the distance from their business address to the property in question will hardly ever be more than 3 miles.

With us, you can be certain that the appraiser is familiar with the local market, thereby ensuring that the financier will always accept the appraisal report.