Most financiers require an appraiser to be domiciled in the area in which the appraisals are carried out. In addition, they require the appraiser to be listed in one of the two registers of appraisers: SCVM or VastgoedCert. In other words, the property should be appraised by a registered appraiser, also called a certified appraiser.

All our appraisers are members of a professional organization (LMV, NVM, VBO or RVT) and are listed in one of the two registers of appraisers: SCVM or VastgoedCert (formerly CRMT and NRVT).

Following is more information on the appraisers registers.


VBO Real Estate Agents Certification Foundation (Stichting Certificering VBO Makelaars)

When the swearing in of real estate agents and appraisers was abolished, this personal certification was created to take its place. On the one hand this certification functions as a quality mark towards the public; on the other hand it will assure financiers that the real estate agent / appraiser has all the qualifications necessary for the appraising of property.

The certified VBO real estate agents and appraisers are registered with the VBO Real Estate Agents Certification Foundation (SCVM) and meet the requirements of mortgage credit institutions such as banks and insurance companies. In addition, certified SCVM real estate agents and appraisers are recognized by the homeownership guarantee fund Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woning (executive organization of the national mortgage guarantee scheme Nationale Hypotheek Garantie) and ‘Vereniging Eigen Huis’.

Certified real estate agents and appraisers meet very strict quality standards, which are defined in European Standard EN 45013. The certification requirements are drawn up by a certification body. In the case of the SCVM, this is Det Norske Veritas (DNV), established in Rotterdam. The certification process is supervised by a guarantee committee with representatives from the real estate sector, consumers of real estate agents' services and external experts.

The certificates are issued by the certification body Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and are based on the requirements mentioned above. This means that the person involved not only needs to be active as a real estate agent and/or appraiser, but should also be able to prove the required level of competency. In other words, they should demonstrably meet the existing requirements with regard to knowledge, insight, skills and professional attitude, as defined in the competency profile for real estate agents and/or appraisers. This is established through various tests.

The certificate and the SCVM registration are valid for a period of 5 years. The period of validity can be renewed by means of successful participation in continuing education.

In 2002 a new training programme for certified real estate agent / appraiser was initiated. At the same time the new exams for certified real estate agents / appraisers were held. These exams and their underlying certification schemes have been approved by the SCVM's guarantee committee.



Vastgoed Certificering (Real Estate Certification

On 28 October 2003 the boards of CRMT and NRVT decided to join their registers in a newly established institution. A sector-wide platform for the registration and certification of real estate agents and appraisers, Stichting VastgoedCert (Real Estate Certification Foundation) has over 5500 registrants, divided over the following chambers: Housing/Small Business (WM), Commercial Real Estate (BV), Agricultural Real Estate (LV) and WOZ (Valuation of Immovable Property Act).

VastgoedCert's mission is to certify and register the (technical) competence of real estate agents and appraisers. Ethical standards and codes of conduct are expressly not the institution's responsibility, but the domain of the various professional organizations.

All registrants meet strict educational requirements. Without this, admission to the chambers of VastgoedCert is not possible. To be admitted, certificates for both theory and practice are needed. The certification requirements vary between chambers.

Once certified with VastgoedCert, further training will be necessary. Each chamber has its own recertification requirements. Therefore appraisers who are certified with VastgoedCert have demonstrated the required technical competence.



Register of Real Estate Appraisers in the Netherlands (Nederlands Register Vastgoed Taxateurs)

The legally sworn status of appraisers has been abolished. Provided they meet the requirements, appraisers now may bear the title of 'Register Vastgoed Taxateur onroerende zaken' (Registered Property Appraiser). This title and its picture trade mark and logo are registered with the Benelux Trade Mark Office, to prevent improper use. The reason for registration with the NVRT is to guarantee the appraiser's competence as well as to increase customer confidence.

An RVT appraiser surveying a house wants to demonstrate by means of this title (RVT) that they are competent, objective and unbiased. Generally speaking, all real estate agents and appraisers sworn before the year 2000 are eligible for listing in the register, provided they have at least 3 years of work experience. Real estate agents and appraisers who are not sworn must have professional diplomas, and appraisers must prove that they have been actively working in the preceding years as an appraiser of real estate for a minimum of three consecutive years. In addition, they must also pass the practical exam under the aegis of the NRVT board.

Being registered is one of the conditions for membership of the RVT professional association. An RVT appraiser operates strictly in accordance with the guidelines, the so-called appraisal model. An RVT report provides information about the location, maintenance status and legal use possibilities; if the information is up-to-date, the cubic measurements and the reconstruction value. An RVT appraiser has professional liability insurance. This insures them against the financial consequences of possible errors. The register containing the personal and professional information of the listed appraisers is public.

The NVRT register was established by the former sworn appraisers association Vereniging van Beëdigde Taxateurs to replace the legally sworn status, which had been abolished in the year 2000. Appraisers in this register meet very strict quality requirements, comparable to the former requirements as set by the sworn status.

The NRVT is the owner, administrator and executor of the register. It tests appraisers on the requirements and ensures they will abide by the regulations.



Certificatie en Registratie Makelaar-Taxateurs (Certification/Registration Real Estate Agents/Appraisers

The legal sworn status and title protection of real estate agents / appraisers has been abolished. Real estate agents and appraisers now have the opportunity to bear the title of 'RMT', short for Register Makelaar Taxateur o.z. (Registered Real Estate Agent / Appraiser). This title shows the consumer that they are dealing with a competent real estate agent or appraiser. A real estate agent / appraiser who has been sworn in can get listed in the CRMT register. Real estate agents who have not been sworn in but have the required professional diplomas can also be registered. A certified real estate agent is not obligated to join the professional organizations NVM or LMV. But these organizations do require certification for admission and membership.

The professional organizations of real estate agents (NVM and LMV) introduced the certification system in 2001. They developed the system in collaboration with KEMA Quality BV and incorporated it into the CRMT. Kema Quality BV carries out the certification, which can be obtained in a private capacity only and is valid for a period of five years. After five years, an extension for another five years is possible if the requirements for recertification are met.

Certification means that it has objectively been determined that the real estate agent or appraiser has certain basic professional skills. Certificate holders must prove periodically that their professional skills remain up to standard. Certification is a prerequisite for membership for most professional organizations. In addition to certification they have further requirements as to expertise, professional ethics and business organization.

The certification system is not a government affair, but a private initiative, placed with the Dutch Real Estate Agents/Appraisers Certification and Registration Foundation (CRMT). The foundation is responsible for the certification programme (the regulations), for installing a committee of experts and for keeping the certification register up to date.

To ensure that the knowledge and skills with regard to mediation in real estate transactions, carrying out appraisals, knowledge of the statutory regulations, etc. are of a sufficiently high level and will remain so, an individual and personal certification system has been chosen. This will lead to the personal certificate “Register Makelaar / taxateur onroerende zaken” (Registered Real Estate Agent / Appraiser).