Sworn appraiser and estate agent

Sworn appraiser and estate agent

In 2001, in The Netherlands, the legal inauguration of appraisers and estate agents has been abolished. This means that nowadays everyone can call themself an appraiser or estate agent. There are no longer sworn estate agents or sworn appraisers. To give people clearness, they set up several registers. Appraisers and estate agents can sign up for these registers, but only if they satisfy their strict quality requirements.

Stichting NRVT

One of these registers originated from the foundation NRVT. Registered estate agents and appraisers may call themselves Register Makelaar-Taxateur (RMT). The association RVT is the branch organization of the Register Vastgoed Taxateurs in The Netherlands. Before 2000, Register Vastgoed Taxateurs were called sworn appraisers or sworn estate agents. Sworn appraisers and estate agents met strict quality requirements.

Aknowledged appraisers

All of the appraisers that are listed on Erkende-Taxateurs.nl are registered in following register: NRVT. Besides, our appraisers are affiliated by the valuation mark NWWI and a branch organization.

The terms sworn estate agent and sworn appraiser do no longer legally exist, but we can guarantee you that the appraisers on Erkende-Taxateurs.nl are certified and aknowledged.

Do you want to be sure that the appraisal of your house will be done by a sworn, certified or aknowledged appraiser?

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