Disbursements are additional costs that have been made for the appraisal report. Apart from appraising the house itself, the appraiser must also investigate external factors that may affect the value of a house.

Examples of disbursements are:

  • Inquiries regarding changes in policy, purpose and use in zoning plans, building regulations, licensing and catering act, outdoor recreation and exemptions. Request for information regarding environmental pollution (soil, air and water), the possible existence of old oil storage tanks, etc.
  • Inquiries regarding permits issued to third parties that may affect the pleasure of living in that location
  • Request for information from the Land Registry

Legal fees

The first two of these can be retrieved from the municipal administration. They may charge a fee for this. Each municipality can set its own fees. As a result, city A may be considerably more expensive than city B, while city C doesn't charge anything at all. Generally, the municipal legal fees do not amount to more than €100. These additional costs are included in the fee charged by Erkende Taxateurs.

Land Registry fee

Besides consulting the Land Registry, the appraiser will in most cases investigate property ownership documents. They have to confirm whether or not the cadastral information matches the details on the ownership documents, and to check for any easement, perpetual clause, long lease etc. on the property. Practice has shown the necessity of making certain that the seller is in fact the real owner. These costs are also covered by our fee.

Disbursements included or not

Numerous providers request fees that do not cover disbursements. Generally, the land registry fees will be mentioned, but the municipal legal fees are never included in the appraisal fee. If you place an appraisal request with us, all these additional costs (disbursements) are included in the price. You know exactly what the appraisal will cost and there won't be any unpleasant surprises.