Frequently asked questions

Will there be any extra costs in addition to the fixed fee?

Contrary to what is offered by other providers, our fee really does cover all additional costs. Normally VAT will make up an additional cost factor, and municipal legal fees and land registry fees would also add to the bill. These are the so-called disbursements. All these are covered by our fixed fee. Meaning you won't pay a penny more than the fixed fee of € 550,-. For the West Frisian Islands a different fee applies. In exceptional cases the financier might require additional (environmental) information, such as a clean soil certificate. This information is not required by the conventions as set by the register of appraisers. These extra services are not covered by the fee, but in practice these will only be applied sporadically. For an appraisal based solely on building plans (if the house is yet to be built) an additional fee of about €25 may be charged if a lot of extra time has to be spent on reviewing plans and permits.

Will the appraisal report be accepted by any financier?

We can offer you a 100% guarantee that the appraisal report will be accepted by any financier in the Netherlands. We can be absolutely certain of this, because all our appraisers are members of a professional organization (LMV, NVM, VBO or RVT) and are listed in one  the register of appraisers: NRVT . The appraisal report will always meet the requirements of the latest housing finance appraisal report model, as determined by the liaison committee for mortgage credit institutions CHF (Contactorgaan Hypothecair Financiers). The professional who is appraising the property will always know the area extensively and will never perform an appraisal outside a 20 km radius (12.5 miles) of their place of business.

Will the appraisal report be accepted for financing backed by the national mortgage guarantee scheme Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG)?

Yes. Our appraisal reports meet all NHG requirements for the purchase or (re)financing of a house. Therefore our appraisal reports are always accepted for financing backed by the national mortgage guarantee scheme Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG).

Are the appraisers familiar with the local situation?

We work solely with appraisers who are familiar with the local situation. This is because financiers require an appraisal report to be drawn up by a professional who knows the area extensively and appraises property only within a fixed radius of their place of business. Our appraisers never work outside a 20 km radius (12.5 miles).

The appraisal foreclosure value must be set at a certain level in order to arrange financing. Will that be possible?

On the request form you can mention the required appraisal foreclosure value. The appraiser will keep this in mind. Of course we cannot guarantee that the desired appraisal foreclosure value will actually be reached.

The financier (bank) wants to know the value before and after renovations to the house. Can this be done with a single appraisal report?

Yes. Even when a real estate agent / appraiser has to report the private sale value and appraisal foreclosure value both before and after structural alterations, our fees remain unaltered. You won't have to pay any additional costs to have both values mentioned in the report.

What does an appraisal report from Erkende Taxateurs look like?

A sample appraisal report for houses from Erkende Taxateurs (in PDF format) can be downloaded here (click here).

How many copies of the appraisal report will I get?

You will always receive the appraisal report in triplicate: 2 originals and 1 copy.

Do you also appraise commercial property?

Yes. You can have your commercial property appraised by us for the lowest possible rate of 0.11 percent. Please visit our special commercial property appraisal website: It is not possible to request appraisals for business premises, shop premises or premises that fall under agricultural real estate via Erkende Taxateurs.

I want to have my house appraised but I still have some questions

Even if there are questions you would like to have answered before committing yourself to an appraisal request with us, you are free to fill in the request form without any obligations. You may then submit your questions in the “Additional comments” text box. An appraiser will contact you by telephone as soon as possible, and you can still decide whether you would like to have us handle the appraisal.

Can I cancel my appraisal request free of charge?

Filling in and submitting the request form is entirely free and doesn't oblige you to anything. However, if you have made an appointment for an appraisal, certain expenses have been made and cancelling the request cannot be done free of charge.

If the real estate agent / appraiser has visited the property, cancellation will no longer be possible. You will then be charged the complete fee. If you cancel before the actual appraisal, but after an appointment has been set up, you will be charged a cancellation fee of €75, VAT inclusive.

What does an invoice from Erkende Taxateurs look like?

A sample invoice from Erkende Taxateurs (in PDF format) can be downloaded here (click here).

What is the payment term for the invoice?

Payment is due two weeks after receipt of the invoice. If your payment has not been received as specified by our terms of payment, you will be charged €15 administrative costs.