Purchasing guidance

Sometimes an appraisal can be used as the deciding factor in the purchase of a house. If this is the case, it might be wise to call in a real estate agent. They will generally charge a fee of on average 1.63 percent of the purchase price.

These days finding a suitable house yourself is easy thanks to the many housing and real estate sites on the internet. This means you no longer need to depend on real estate agents to find a house. And they in turn won't have to spend time looking, which makes the whole process a lot less expensive.

We offer all the services of a registered NVM and VBO real estate agent for the fixed price of €1250. This includes VAT and other additional costs. The services offered by our real estate agent for the purchase of your house are not connected with the eventual purchase price. A fixed price is charged and not a percentage of the purchase price. You know the price beforehand and won't have to worry about getting additional bills later on.

Do you wish to read more about this purchasing guidance concept? Please visit our special NVM & VBO purchasing guidance website: