Register Appraiser / Broker

When applying for a mortgage, Dutch lenders increasingly obligate certification for an estate agent or appraiser. Also, when you want to apply for the Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG), you have to work with a valuation from a certified estate agent or appraiser.

Certified estate agent or appraiser

What makes someone a certified estate agent or appraiser? In 2001, in The Netherlands, the legal inauguration of appraisers and estate agents has been abolished. Because of that, Stichting NRVT was founded in 2004. Certified appraisers and estate agents can be registered in the register of NRVT based on their professionalism. This makes it easier for consumers and lenders to check which appraisers and estate agents meet the strict quality requirements.

Register appraiser or estate agent

Estate agents and appraisers whom are registered in a register such as NRVT may call themselves a registered appraiser or estate agent. A registered appraiser can prove that he/she satisfies all asked professional qualifications. Therefore, an appraiser has to succesfully complete a basic theoretical test, a specialization targeted theoretical test and a practical test. These tests need to be done by an independent institution.

When you enable an appraiser or estate agent, you should check if he/she is registered and therefore satisfies the strict quality requirements. The appraisers from are all registered in register from NRVT. You can read more about these registers here.

Apply for a appraisal by a registered appraiser immediately!